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Volume weight sealed ash extractor
Liang style kiln is a modern lime production kiln on the international market. It was introduced into the domestic market from abroad in the early 1990s. After continuous R&D and improvement after localization, our company now has complete intellectual property rights. Over the years, the promotion and technical progress of beam kiln have made great contributions to the development and progress of lime industry. According to incomplete statistics, so far, there are 278 beam kilns in the international market, including 8 exported by China, with a capacity of 28 million tons. There are 448 beam kilns in the domestic market with a capacity of 40.5 million tons. According to the total capacity of 360 million tons of international lime, the capacity of beam kiln accounts for 19.03% of the total capacity. Such a huge market share fully demonstrates that the market competitiveness of beam kiln is very strong.
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